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Australian Kangaroo Liver


Rich in Vitamins & Minerals. Low fat.

Australian Mackerel Fish Bites


Rich in OMEGA-3. Improve coat and joint health.

Beef Flavoured Sweet Potatoes


Great for your dog’s digestive health!

Beef Sirloin


Just nice Sirloin steak!


Dogalicious x House of Joy and Mercy Charity Tote Bag Set


Dogalicious x House of Joy and Mercy


From now till 31 October 2021, at just HK$200 you can enjoy a cute tote bag with All Natural Treats and Dogalicious coupons. You will also be helping animals in need!


For every tote bag set sold, Dogalicious will be joining hands with you to donate a total of HK$150 to House of Joy and Mercy for supporting stray and abandoned dogs and cats in HK.

Natural Treats Variety Packs (6x20g)


Try it now!  Your dog will love it!

NZ Green Lipped Mussels


Rich in OMEGA-3s. Natural antioxidants.

Turmeric Chicken


Our most popular treat!

Dogalicious 狗狗鮮食
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