Our Story

This is our founder Alexis and his pug Tina. Alexis has loved animals since he was a child, having grown up in a house full of dogs, cats, rabbits, and even parrots. Alexis fell in love with his first dog, a German Shepherd named Dolly, and has been in love with dogs ever since. After leaving home and going to university, and even for a while after, Alexis spent a lot of time travelling and was unable to have a pet. But, this all changed in 2008 when he adopted a pug and he rediscovered his love for dogs. This led to Alexis adopting another two pugs, Phoebe and Tina. Phoebe had a number of skin conditions caused by allergies which made finding food for her quite difficult. And because she was on such a special diet, she put weight on really easily.

In 2015, Phoebe was sadly diagnosed with late stage cancer. The vets had no idea what could have caused this cancer, but Alexis thought that her diet could have played a part in it. Commercial dog food is often heavily processed and contains a number of unpronounceable, unnatural ingredients.

After extensive research Alexis realised just what he had been feeding the dogs for so long. Alexis’ mum had cooked for their cats when he was younger and that got him thinking. What if I cooked my dogs’ food?

That’s exactly what he did and started to cook them healthy meals to help maintain a healthy diet for the animals. This fresh food improved Phoebe’s health in her final months – she was once more full of energy and allergy free. Tina also became healthier and has continued eating this diet ever since. Tina’s coat has become shinier and more beautiful than ever before and her skin problems have also disappeared. Her digestive system is healthier and she is digesting more of her food which means that her stools are healthier and less frequent!

This health improvement was noticed by Alexis’ friends and they asked if he could start cooking for their dogs too. This got him thinking and he started working with some of his vet friends to create a healthy, balanced diet for dogs that contains all of the nutrients they need. This led to him founding Dogalicious which aims to bring this “super food diet” to the masses so that all dogs can lead as healthy a life as possible.