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【香港首辦】八哥跑步比賽籌款 呼籲領養唔買狗

看起來行動緩慢、笨手笨腳的八哥狗,跑起上唔係人咁品!剛於上星期舉行的首屆八哥跑步比賽, 便是由手工新鮮狗糧Dogalicious主理人鄺志華(Alexis)聯同本地時尚小店kapok舉辦,目的為LAP(非牟利保護遺棄動物組織 )籌款,呼籲大家領養不購買。   八哥天生氣管短,呼吸不太順暢,又不能跑得遠,所以在店門前那十米的跑道便成為八哥們的一大挑戰,當日比賽分為初賽、準決賽及決賽,還有不少狗狗盛裝出席。   Alexis說:「其實外國也有類似的八哥賽跑,主人與狗可一起參與比賽,總好比帶着狗狗坐在咖啡店喝一整天咖啡吧!」當天約有五十隻八哥出席,吸引近百人觀戰,有些八哥不消幾秒便怒奔到終點,有些則在跑道來回散步,引來笑聲不斷,大家拿着相機拍照,為求拍下最有趣的一刻。Alexis笑言比賽完結後已有人問他何時再舉辦第二屆比賽,想不到大家的反應那麼熱烈。
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Media Coverage: Next Plus 壹週Plus
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Testimonial: Alejandro’s 3 Dogs

After having his 3 dogs (husky, Schnauzer and Labradoodle) on Dogalicious for a month, Alejandro wrote us this review: Ok I normally don’t write reviews, but this one deserves a few paragraphs because I’m sure lots of people will wonder about this.   My first thought when I came across a Dogalicious Facebook ad was:...
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Introducing Dogalicious!

After months of research and testing, Dogalicious is now ready to provide a healthy and yummy alternative to your beloved companions.  Our animal nutritionist formulated meal plans are completely tailored for the Asian market, providing a complete and balanced diet to give our dogs a healthier and longer life.  Free of preservatives, chemicals and fillers,...
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How to steam & purée your sugar pie pumkin

Cut the halves into smaller pieces and place in a large pot of water with a steam basket to keep the pumpkin pieces from touching the water.
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Great bulk recipes to help use all your organic vegetables

A fridge full of organic vegetables purchased or harvested with the best of intentions, and then life gets busy, leaving no time to peel,
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How can salmon be raised organically in fish farms?

Organic food consumption is rapidly increasing. The heightened interest in the global environment and a willingness to look
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Change your eating habits with this organic food diet plan

The Age of Information has given us modern conveniences like the Internet and smart devices. With these, information is readily available
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Caring for your body with antioxidant rich organic superfoods

We are all fighting the ravages of time. But, what if time didn’t have to be so ravaging? Antioxidants may be the answer to help your body grow old
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