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Introducing Dogalicious!

After months of research and testing, Dogalicious is now ready to provide a healthy and yummy alternative to your beloved companions. Â Our animal nutritionist formulated meal plans are completely tailored for the Asian market, providing a complete and balanced diet to give our dogs a
healthier and longer life.  Free of preservatives, chemicals and fillers, every bite of Dogalicious is 100% real and natural food. Freshly cooked and delivered weekly, each pack is vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.

Our ingredients are selected carefully, sourced from reliable suppliers around the world. For safety, we do not source any of our meat products from China.

If your dog has allergies, or weight issues, let us know!  Or if you have any questions about our food, just send us an email!  We will gladly help you pick the perfect diet for your dog.


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