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Testimonial: Alejandro’s 3 Dogs

After having his 3 dogs (husky, Schnauzer and Labradoodle) on Dogalicious for a month, Alejandro wrote us this review:

Ok I normally don’t write reviews, but this one deserves a few paragraphs because I’m sure lots of people will wonder about this.


My first thought when I came across a Dogalicious Facebook ad was: my dogs are perfectly happy/healthy with their normal kibble, why would I feed them “human grade” food? But then it piqued my curiosity and I started to look into things because (1) I wanted to make sure my dogs were eating healthy and (2) I had to admit that I had never read about kibble or processed dog foods before. I’m not one to do something without doing extensive reading/research, so bear with me here.


What I found was crazy. Turns out the bulk of dog nutritionists out there agree that kibble or wet processed foods (no matter how “healthy” or organic they claim to be) are less than ideal for dogs: i.e., they affect a dogs health, energy levels and life span (and the industry is pretty horrific). At the end of this review I’ve included just a few of the articles I read before jumping on Dogalicious.


Anyway, after reading through, I also noticed I was completely unqualified to cook or select the right balanced diet for my dogs (one of the criticisms of cooking at home for dogs is that lay people – like yours truly – simply don’t know what is good for a dog and that will have consequences in the long run). Putting one and one together, I figured I’d give Dogalicious a try.


The results:

My dogs (I have 3 of them) have been on a Dogalicious diet now for almost 3 weeks. For one thing, they love (LOVE) the food. Like, they recognize the delivery package every week and go insane over it (sure, that’s not a measure of health but I love seeing them happy). Second and most importantly, there’s a noticeable difference on their energy levels: they’re more active and playful. My obese husky has started to lose her unhealthy weight and is looking great. Their stools are way healthier (they apparently absorb more of the nutrients in the food so they poo a lot less). And I just realized as they’ve been eating healthier that I wouldn’t want to take any chances on their health, just like I try not to take on mine.


As an aside, service from the company is impecable. Deliveries are great and fresh. The food comes vacuum-packed individually for every day of the week and you don’t have to think of how much to give them because the portions are rationed based on their breed, age and weight. Extremely convenient. I know it might be a little pricey for some, but if one can afford it, it’s a no brainer because the price is actually very reasonable for the level of service and quality (and if you buy expensive kibble or wet processed food, the difference is not that much).


Hopefully this is helpful to others trying to decide on the product. I love dogs, so now that I’ve done my research I figured I would share my (verbose) views in case they’re of any help to other dog owners (and thus doggies) out there.


As promised above, a small selection of the good reads on the topic I came across: (has many interesting articles and not connected to a food brand)


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