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Freshly cooked with 100% natural and fresh ingredients. Vet designed complete and balanced meal plans.

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Live a Longer & Healthier Life

Dogalicious’ dog food is formulated by Australia animal nutritionists, cooked with the freshest ingredients in a fully-licensed kitchen. We do not add any unnecessary fillers, preservatives or other funny stuff that we wouldn’t eat. Dogalicious is the only Complete and Balanced fresh dog food in Asia, with all the necessary nutrients and minerals for a healthy dog.

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Personalised For
Your Dog

All meal plans are personalised based on the breed, weight, life stage and age of your dog.


Each meal is portioned and packed individually just for your dog, so you won’t over or underfeed. Just open the pack and feed.


Choose from our delicious range of recipes, including Chicken, Beef, lamb, pork and Fish, to cater to your dog’s likes.

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How it works

  • Tell us about your dog
  • Place your order
  • The food is cooked fresh and vacuum-sealed
  • 14 meals (breakfast and dinner) delivered once a week
  • Keep the food in the fridge,
  • Just open a pack per meal to feed! Easy!

Only from $100 per week. Flexible plans and cancel anytime!

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100% Natural Dog Treats

Give your dogs a healthy treat! Our treats are all natural, with no additives nor preservatives and are the perfect compliments to our meals.

You can order them together with your subscription or separately!

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